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Top 38 International Art Fairs To Attend

The international art fair has always been the most popular way to showcase works from a range of local and international galleries, allowing both complete novices through to professionals the chance to buy something they love, regardless of price. So, whether you are searching for the perfect artwork, sculpture or photo, here is our definitive


Introduction To Art & Taxes

If you currently collect art, or you are interested in collecting it, you might be wondering what tax implications are involved with art purchases. This is an especially important consideration in light of changes to tax laws that have taken place in recent years. Given the fact that art experts state that the current art


The Best Cameras For Landscape Photography

If not the most popular niche in photography, landscapes are a great subject to shoot. We have all visited a destination that was filled with beautiful scenery. Whether it be a range of snowy mountains, an arid desert, or a dense forest. The landscape before us was so captivating we wanted to make sure we