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Why The Future of Travel Belongs To Small Towns

St. Paul de Vence. Trogir. Syracuse or Meteora. Do these sound familiar? For the vast majority of people across the globe, the short answer is no. Maybe these words bring to mind the college town of Syracuse, New York. Maybe you thought of Saint Paul from the Bible. But no, these are just a few


6 Reasons Why Nantucket Punches Above its Weight

Nantucket Island is one of America’s most sought-after vacation destinations. And it’s no wonder. Nantucket, Massachusetts has an impressive resume of things to do, restaurants, a fascinating history and so much more. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, the picturesque island is home to beautifully preserved cobblestone streets and majestic lighthouses, all perched on a


6 Delightful Small Towns to Explore in the UK

There’s drama to be found in every brick, pebble and time-worn spaces across the United Kingdom, medieval sets that putter on long after bodice dresses and horse-drawn carriages have given reign to chic coats and gleaming cars. London, in its modern glamour, remains a gateway to quaint towns that wear their history proudly. From Sussex


10 Picturesque Medieval Towns in Southern France

We often associate the southern coastal stretch of France with azure waters, nightlife, and affluent beach resorts. While these are quite enjoyable, you need to go off the grid to see the heritage lying underneath. Southern France is home to small towns or villages that will put you on a time machine. The medieval heritage