How To Choose Interior Design Artwork

When designing the interior of a room, many people make the costly mistake of treating interior art or corporate wall art as an afterthought, in favor of other interior decoration elements such as which color to paint the walls or what color to choose for soft furnishings. But did you know that interior design artwork makes up an important part of interior design? It ties in with each and every element in your design, adds much-needed color to plain schemes and can even be powerful enough to bring an entire design together. So, if you are about to embark on a new and exciting interior design project and require some inspiration or perhaps just want to spruce up an existing room with some new pieces, read our ultimate guide to choosing the perfect artwork for your space to bring your interior project to a whole new level.


Use Multiple Pieces

Wanting a change from just one piece of artwork on your wall? One exciting way to achieve this is to use multiple interior design art prints or fine art prints on one wall to create a gallery-like effect. Whilst making your interior both on-trend and stylish, a gallery can make a really strong feature of an otherwise bland space and also create a point of interest. For best results, use interior design wall art that is similar in composition or subject and consider purchasing multiple pieces from the same artist to tie everything together and create a striking effect.

Repeat Color

There are many advantages to repeating colour in a room through your artwork and interior decor. Not only able to add more depth, but colour combinations can also create a strong impact and create interest in your space. For ultimate results, try using colours of the same tone or repeat multiple colours to add a strong dimension to your space.

Choose Contrasting Combinations

Are you wanting to create a design that really stands out? Consider choosing highly contrasting colours between your modern interior design artwork and interior design features. Particular ways this can be achieved is by using a combination of light and dark tones or even similar hues of the same colour. Or for those that are feeling particularly experimental or daring, decorate your room in predominantly one colour whilst using hints of another colour.

Choose The Right Furniture And Place It Correctly

You may believe that the type of furniture you choose can have a large impact on your interior design and whilst this is very true, the placement of your interior artwork in relation to your furniture can have equal impact. Think about placing your artwork above pieces such as sofas and tables for maximum effect to really give your design the wow factor. Just be sure to hang your artwork at eye level and don’t make the mistake of hanging it too high. This will look odd and will also make it difficult to view.

Create A Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point! But did you know that artwork is a great way to achieve this? If your room is lacking in character or just needs a much-needed boost, artwork can help do this, drawing the eye to a point of interest. However, there are a couple of golden rules to get this right. Be sure to choose the right size artwork based on your room size and also something with enough emphasis for a feature. Artwork that is too small or plain will not have the intended effect and may go un-noticed whilst something very large may overwhelm the room and look ridiculous. Above all, find a happy medium and use your intuition to find what works and what doesn’t.

Get The Right Color Balance

A balanced colour scheme can have a number of benefits to your interior space. As well as creating a sense of harmony and perhaps the perfect space to relax in after a hard day at work, a good balance of colour can also create a strong design. So, if this sounds like your ideal choice, think about decorating your room neutrally, then take strong colours from your artwork and continue this throughout your design.


When it comes round to decorating a room, it is surprising at how little importance some people place on choosing artwork or limited photography for walls. You may be of the opinion that things such as color scheme and choice of furniture predominate. Whilst these are important choices, artwork does play a very important part in interior design. Specifically by adding extra color and even bringing the entire design together. However, if you are not a professional artist or a qualified interior designer, you may lack both the motivation and experience to choose the perfect artwork for your new space. Fear not! Choosing the perfect artwork for your new interior is easier than you think. So, using the hints and tips in our guide, hopefully you will be able to find that perfect piece from current trending interior design styles in no time by browsing current art prints for sale.

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