Instagram Art Accounts to Follow Right Now

Instagram Art Accounts to Follow Right Now

There’s nothing like finding that new, cool Instagram account to throw into your feed.

Artist accounts can help break up the monotony of scrolling. It helps liven things up when your feed goes stale, or when you are tired of your current mix of family members, friends who you haven’t seen in years, and those coworkers who you never quite remember why you added in the first place.

A great art account changes your scrolling time from burning a few minutes here and there, to providing meaningful experiences. And when you get a lot of interesting Instagram accounts in your feed, it makes social media a much more joyful place to be.

Below, we’ve assembled four artists to follow on Instagram. These range from the fun to the seriously impressive, but they all make for great content. And after all, that’s what we’re after, right?

1. Paperboyo (London)

Rich McCor, who goes by the handle Paperboyo, is an Instagram artist with that special understanding of what we want in our feeds. His work is playful, and it reengages us with the familiar sights of world cities.

Paperboyo holds black paper cutouts in front of cityscapes to turn what we see upside down — sometimes literally. The illusions range from the cute to the hilarious. It’s a captivating art project with that highly shareable appeal that makes it stand out. While he is based in London, England, his work now spans the globe.

It’s one of the most creative Instagram accounts we’ve seen in ages, and it never fails to cheer you up when you see a tower turned into a clarinet, the Golden Gate Bridge turned into a ladder, or hot air balloons turned into rain drops. And the lateral leaps the artist makes continue to impress and innovate on the simple concept. That creativity and charm is probably what has garnered him almost a half million followers at the time of this writing.

This lighthearted detournement of travel photography does more than give you a passing smile. When Paperboyo is in your feed, it keeps you thinking about the world around you and all the interesting shapes you spend your day with.

Paperboyo’s notoriety has also meant big partnerships — something we’re sure we’ll see more of in the future. When the NFL visited London in 2016, they tapped the artist to do promotional work. And Will Smith has even collaborated with him to promote his film Gemini Man.

2. Mr. Doodle (London)

With Mr. Doodle, the alias of Sam Cox, the name says it all — this Instagram account is full of doodle illustrations that put all of our’s to shame.

It’s not quite Instagram inspiration as it is a celebration of those idle moments we spend drawing in the margins while we wait for our class or business meeting to end. But this doodle man has raised the game, launching an enormous art enterprise off the strength of his doodles.

Mr. Doodle’s work has been called graffiti spaghetti, due to the densely packed tangle of squiggles and straight lines that end up creating designs that can be found on clothes, furniture, walls, and beyond.

The good humored approach makes for fun viewing, and it’s a nice, light hearted addition to your feed. The happy vibes of Mr. Doodle’s art is infectious. You can’t look at it for very long before you start feeling the urge to pick up a marker and do some random drawings yourself.

The infectious fun is all a part of the design. As the doodle artist himself says, “I want my work to consume as much of the planet as it can.” And all signs point to global domination somewhere in the near future. The way the designs seem to grow out of themselves, replicating and morphing as they go, really does resemble a living entity that consumes our visual world and turns it into doodle paintings.

As far as Instagram art goes, it’s just about perfect. You can grasp it quickly, but there is so much detail that it rewards those who linger on the images. That mixture of fast uptake and rewarding further study makes Mr. Doodle one of our favorite Instagram follows.


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3. World Red Eye (Miami)

World Red Eye is a digital-media agency founded by Seth Browarnik. Their Instagram account includes a lot of the photography and video they produce to capture the Miami scene — one of the wildest, neon-colored nightlife cities on the planet.

The videos on this feed are pure ecstasy for art lovers. Check out this one they did for an immersive experience of Van Gogh’s work to get a sense of just how amazing this content is. And the World Red Eye photos are quick little visual hits of Miami street culture.

Plus, it’s a brand that you want to keep an eye on. World Red Eye has been at the heart of a political scandal, and it regularly appears in the Miami press as the go to for photo and video of the city’s luxurious style and partying.

When you are looking for who to follow on Instagram, you want a little bit of everything, and World Red Eye gives you that all in one place. Love gourmet dining? They’ve got it. Want to get that feeling of a wild club experience? They’ve got it. Want celebrities? Well, they’ve got that, too.

It serves up lot’s of shareable visuals on a regular basis. Scrolling through their account, you see high fashion, shots of the city, and moments from Miami sidewalks and red carpets. It’s an eclectic mix, one that you’ll be happy to drop into your feed.


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4. Whatisadam (Montreal)

Adam Vieira began his art career as a high schooler growing up in Montreal, Canada. He expressed himself through the city in graffiti. Today, he makes a living making street art and has the distinction of being one of the coolest people to follow on Instagram.

Whatisadam has developed a trademark style marked by pop-art influences and Canadian culture. From his famous maple syrup design to images of hockey, his work celebrates, critiques, and plays around with Canadiana.

His designs are crisp and intricate, with bright colors that saturate the entire image. It’s a maximalist approach that makes for eye-popping views in your feed.

His murals have appeared at Art Basel in Miami, as well as Denver, New York City, London, and in his hometown of Montreal. He also keeps up a prolific studio practice, now showing regularly in galleries, and his Insta is the perfect place to stay alert on opportunities to buy his art.

Whatisadam makes for a great follow not only for the visuals on display but the ongoing story of his career. He is part of a new generation of artists who did not find success through gallery representation. Instead, he built his name on social media platforms.



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