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Banksy in Venice

Banksy, the notorious and anonymous artist, posted a strange video on his official Instagram in May of last year. What he shared made waves in the art world and led to more publicity for an artist who has made his name through scandal, intrigue, and more than a little daring. The piece, entitled “Venice in


5 Fabulous Restaurant Art Decor Ideas

The menu is set, the location is perfect, the zoning and inspections are all figured out. The restaurant is just about ready to open. The only problem? The walls are barren. That means you need to be in the market for restaurant art. You know what all restaurateurs worth their salt know: ambiance can make


What Makes Contemporary Photography Special?

Contemporary photography is a field that covers all relatively recent photographic art. The “contemporary” is ever changing, and our current moment is particularly exciting. When looking at the world of photography as contemporary art, you will notice that many of the same trends are occurring there as in all art fields. New technologies are continuously

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