After you purchase a limited edition photography artwork from one of our 2 collections (Prestige Collection & Bespoke Collection) you will be given an elegant certificate of authenticity to confirm ownership of the photography print (1 per photography piece).

The certificate should include the customer name, title of the artwork, issue date, number in the series and signature of artist. We recommend you keep this document in a safe place or you may even frame it to show your ownership with pride. You could also consider making a scanned copy, as a backup in case you loose the hard copy or put into a folder for safekeeping.

Please note if the certificate is lost or severely damaged within the first 3 years or purchase, we will do our best to provide you with a new one (in good faith). This should include the previous information, but with a mention of the new date and reference to the original one. In order to retain the integrity of our product and service, we cannot do this more than once per piece, per customer, so remember to be mindful.

Please note, the image below is good representation of the certificate you will be given. However the displayed frame is not included, as each customer is responsible for the appropriate care & ownership of this certificate.