This section features a selection of international, national & regional press clips. A sampling
of gallery & events is also included. Print and online media features are from the US, Latin
America, Canada & Europe. Additionally, you can learn more about the artist photographer, get inspired or explore some of the travel photography .

  • Florida State Gallery Florida State Art Gallery

    Photography canvas displayed with the Florida State Gallery in Tallahassee, US.

  • Croatia Tourism Croatia Tourism

    Shared photography of Zagreb through social media by the National Tourism Agency of Croatia. Image of a popular local attraction.

  • George Bush Library George Bush Presidential Library

    Photography artwork displayed at the George Bush Library & Museum, compliments of the director.

  • Abroad Travel Magazine Abroad Travel Magazine

    Leading Irish travel magazine included a bio feature & photo. Distributed across airport kiosks and select retail.

  • Tourism Massachusetts Tourism Massachusetts

    Shared photography of Nantucket, MA through social media by the state tourism agency.

  • Where Magazine US Where Magazine & Guide

    One of the most widely distributed global travel publication, with local editions across the world. Photography featured several times.

  • House King Magazine House King Magazine

    House King magazine featured photography. Lifestyle publication reached a mixed audience, including investors, real estate developers & socialites.

  • Six Degrees Magazine Six Degrees Magazine

    Published in several issues for various travel destinations. Pocket magazine in South Florida.

  • VIP Magazine VIP Magazine

    Several full page artist feature reviews, bio & travel photography inclusion. Distribution across the Florida market.