This section features a selection of international, national & regional press clips. A sampling of gallery & events is also included. Print and online media features are from the US, Latin America, Canada & Europe. Additionally, you can learn more about the artist photographer, get inspired or explore some of the travel photography .

Thea Art Foundation Clinton Presidential Gallery THEA Art & Clinton Presidential Gallery

Artwork provided to leading presidential gallery, in partnership with an educational art program across Arkansas.

Poder Magazine Poder Magazine

Featured photography for several European destinations including Italy. International business publication distributed in Latin America (Mexico & Colombia).

Florida State Gallery Florida State Art Gallery

Photography canvas displayed with the Florida State Gallery in Tallahassee, US.

Luxury Hotel Artistic Consulting Luxury Hotel Consulting

One of the largest hotel chain in Europe, reached out for artistic guidance regarding a new ultra confidential hotel brand.

Croatia Tourism Croatia Tourism

Shared photography of Zagreb through social media by the National Tourism Agency of Croatia. Image of a popular local attraction.

George Bush Library George Bush Presidential Library

Photography artwork displayed at the George Bush Library & Museum, compliments of the director.

Abroad Travel Magazine Abroad Travel Magazine

Leading Irish travel magazine included a bio feature & photo. Distributed across airport kiosks and select retail.

Tourism Massachusetts Tourism Massachusetts

Shared photography of Nantucket, MA through social media by the state tourism agency.

Where Magazine US Where Magazine & Guide

One of the most widely distributed global travel publication, with local editions across the world. Photography featured several times.