This section features a selection of international, national & regional press clips. A sampling of gallery & events is also included. Print and online media features are from the US, Latin America, Canada & Europe. Additionally, you can learn more about the artist photographer, get inspired or explore some of the travel photography .

Where Magazine US Where Magazine & Guide

One of the most widely distributed global travel publication, with local editions across the world. Photography featured several times.

House King Magazine House King Magazine

House King magazine featured photography. Lifestyle publication reached a mixed audience, including investors, real estate developers & socialites.

Six Degrees Magazine Six Degrees Magazine

Published in several issues for various travel destinations. Pocket magazine in South Florida.

VIP Magazine VIP Magazine

Several full page artist feature reviews, bio & travel photography inclusion. Distribution across the Florida market.

944 Magazine 944 Magazine

Travel photography feature on 944 Magazine. Distributed nationally from coast to coast. Publication focused on celebs, lifestyle, entertainment & events.

Closer Magazine Closer Magazine

Featured biography with artist mention, including sample photos from Miami & the South of France. Magazine aimed at the Florida market.