Le Paulmier is an artist photographer, focused on international travel photography. His artistic passion and attention is driven by an intense interest in culture, history, nature & the beauty in its many shapes. Very early on in his journey he was drawn to colors & everything relating to travel. He is currently focused on shooting Europe & North America, with a one of a kind interest in medieval & historical towns, uncovering lesser known places with great character. He also enjoys revisiting known places, landscapes and cultural sights and takes one-of-a-kind photos capturing the impact of human intervention on these historic locations & allowing them to be seen. 

Le Paulmier had a very unusual upbringing. While growing up, he lived & traveled between
Australia, Europe, Asia & the Middle East until the age of 18. In addition, he visited
numerous places as a teenager, including the likes of Jordan, Egypt, India, Great Barrier Reef, Seychelles & Hong Kong. But even more unusual was the timing, as in 2 of those instances, he lived through difficult political times, including the Middle East Gulf War in the 1990’s & the aftermath of the Marcos dictatorship (Philippines) in the 1980’s.

This deep background & expertise in travel, combined with an early talent and passion for the applied arts, eventually drew him to travel photography. Short of being able to paint surrealistic works to the level of his favorite artist Salvador Dali, he found photography to be a great medium which would bring him one step closer to fulfill his thirst for creation. In addition, he also visited many museums and ancient sites, including most of Ancient Egypt and various sites in Jordan such as Petra & the Dead Sea. Those experiences at such an early age had a profound influence on his interest towards history, culture and the arts. Eventually, all of this converged into an obsessive quest for travel photography and all things related.

Several individuals had a profound influence, including Salvador Dali who was one of his favorite artist for a variety of reasons, including the creative personality of Dali, along with his vivid colors, the blending of shapes and unwillingness to put any boundary on his creative process. In addition, Le Paulmier was very much inspired by the bold colors and commercial success of Andy Warhol, along with  contemporary photographer David LaChapelle (LA-based) and the classic landscape photographer Ansel Adams. In the travel industry, Rick Steves and Anthony Bourdain have inspired him to discover the world in a unique way.

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In terms of travel photography, Le Paulmier showed great talent at an early age, having been invited to participate to his first show in Florida alongside the sensational Brazilian pop artist Romero Britto and a few other local talents. He was also one of the first in his region to showcase any kind of canvas print of travel photography; this wasn’t something that was common at the time but the artist decided to try, as limits are only set by boundaries we invent. From this point on, he decided to make this part of his journey into the next decades, developing this obsessive quest to explore new places, and to reinvent the appreciation, consumption or perception of travel photography.

Many people are familiar with photography generating emotional reactions or images with a mind-blowing spectrum of colors (& plenty of photo editing). On the other hand, Le Paulmier decided to explore another route, where images would still look & feel great, but without too much editing (so it’s somewhat closer to what the naked eye might see) and to avoid the use of certain props to artificially glorify a landscape scene. In addition, he likes to shoot occasionally without a lot of planning; it’s challenging indeed but this ensures the travel experience remains unique and the images shot were, more often than not, the result of exploration, rather than pre-meditation. Ultimately, the purpose is to show the viewer that beauty is around us and one can experience it by simply traveling with their eyes and mind open.

In addition, over the past few years he centered his attention towards a very unusual
niche; one which is focused on culture, history and everything in between. It tends to have a connection between humans & nature and their impact through time. Most would think of Rick Steves or the Louvre Museum in Paris when you talk about travel or culture, but Le Paulmier made the bold move to bring those elements to the creative world of travel photography. His depth and commitment to this sector is second to none, along with a touch of glamour and 21st century flavor.

Moving forward, Le Paulmier plans to revisit countless known sights across both continents and explore lesser known villages & towns, bursting with charm. Ultimately the results speak for themselves as the artwork collection grows.

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