This section features a selection of international, national & regional press clips. A sampling of gallery & events is also included. Print and online media features are from the US, Latin America, Canada & Europe. Additionally, you can learn more about the artist photographer, get inspired or explore some of the travel photography .

Beaux Arts Miami 2003 Beaux Arts – Miami

Featured alongside other artists, including the famous Romero Britto. Sponsored by American Express & several other brands. The art show took place in South Florida.

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)

Featured travel photography in a leading US newspaper (AJC). Story was focused on Madrid & powered by Turkish Airlines.

Askmen Travel Article (Travel)

Leading online publication focused on lifestyle of men (US/CAN) – 4 page travel photography feature & destination content.

Loft Magazine LOFT Magazine

Featured several times in this publication. Distributed across various areas in Latin America & South Florida.

Art Prize Gemini Show Art Gemini Prize (Judge)

Participated as guest judge for this photo contest. The International event is now held annually in both London & Singapore.

Poder Magazine Poder Magazine

Featured photography for several European destinations including Italy. International business publication distributed in Latin America (Mexico & Colombia).

Sunday World Newspaper Irelandd The Sunday World

Leading Irish newspaper featured a story & photography covering a UK based hospitality chain, with a travel angle.

Luxury Hotel Artistic Consulting Luxury Hotel Consulting

One of the largest hotel chain in Europe, reached out for artistic guidance regarding a new ultra confidential hotel brand.

Thea Art Foundation Clinton Presidential Gallery THEA Art & Clinton Presidential Gallery

Artwork provided to leading presidential gallery, in partnership with an educational art program across Arkansas.