This section features a selection of international, national & regional press clips. A sampling of gallery & events is also included. Print and online media features are from the US, Latin America, Canada & Europe. Additionally, you can learn more about the artist photographer, get inspired or explore some of the travel photography .

Beaux Arts Miami 2003 Beaux Arts – Miami

Featured alongside other artists, including the famous Romero Britto. Sponsored by American Express & several other brands. The art show took place in South Florida.

Ottawalife Interview Ottawalife Magazine

Feature interview in a Canadian magazine. Q&A covered topics relating to travel and photography.

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)

Featured travel photography in a leading US newspaper (AJC). Story was focused on Madrid & powered by Turkish Airlines.

Askmen Travel Article (Travel)

Leading online publication focused on lifestyle of men (US/CAN) – 4 page travel photography feature & destination content.

Art Prize Gemini Show Art Gemini Prize (Judge)

Participated as guest judge for this photo contest. The International event is now held annually in both London & Singapore.

Irish Central - Mention Irish Central (Travel)

Helped shape the piece, with recommendations on great spots to shoot in Dublin (Ireland).

Times of Israel Mention Times of Israel

Mentioned in The Times of Israel, alongside 2 other unique photographers – inviting all to discover the area.

Examiner Magazine Examiner News

Global US based online publication. Travel photography published several times, including travel tips & artist bio.

Sunday World Newspaper Irelandd The Sunday World

Leading Irish newspaper featured a story & photography covering a UK based hospitality chain, with a travel angle.