Discreet Corniglia View

Travel photography print of the cliff-side Corniglia, Italy

Discover the lesser known of the 5 Cinque Terre villages (Italy) with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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Photos of Cinque Terre villages are sought after for their scenic beauty and idyllic landscape. This private view of Corniglia shows the unique features of the region, set atop a forested promontory. The colorful buildings stand in a joyous crowd upon the hillside, the verdant land erupting in aching green all around. All framed by pink and yellow facades draped in shadow.

Corniglia, Italy is a village in the remote northwestern region of the Cinque Terre. Unlike the four other towns in the region, Corniglia is not shoreside. Instead, it is built up on elevation, beset on all sides by vineyards and terraced buildings and a steep descent to the sea.

This intimate and candid view of Corniglia is a powerful addition to Le Paulmier’s amazing photos of Italy and this region in particular. This is a Cinque Terre style of Italian streetscape, presenting the village in sun-kissed magnificence, almost a portal to another time.

While this photo wall art brings the secluded charm of the village into your space, one might forget that this is one of many secret places of Cinque Terre — a town only accessible by train.

Like much of Cinque Terre history, Corniglia begins with Roman settlers whose family name is still represented in the town’s name. It passed through many lords until 1276, when it was taken over by the Republic of Genoa.

Corniglia is home to two of the famous Cinque Terre churches and the ruins of a Genoese fortification. And there are Medieval texts referring to a castle there, yet no remains have been found.

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