Epic Mont Saint Michel Bay

Travel photography print of the Mont Saint Michel area

Discover the French Mont Saint Michel scenery, with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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This contemplative work of photography art displays the gentle Mont Saint Michel Bay at low tide. A treasure of French scenery, the bay is often photographed for its 11th and 14th century buildings and medieval monastery. But here we see why people built here. The sweep of the sand, the cool fingers of the tide water left behind, the gray distance — the features speak of something sacred in us.

In calm tones, Le Paulmier produces the most subtle of Mont Saint Michel photos. This scenic photography for sale narrates a deeper truth of the area and allows it to call to you as it has called to people for a millennium.

The land was first settled in prehistoric times before the famous Mont Saint Michel tides eroded the land, which left only granite outcroppings for permanent buildings. This development, however, provided new advantages for defense. The Mont Saint Michel abbey and monastery were built in the 8th century and stand as monuments to medieval France. Easily protected by the flowing of tides, the town grew to include halls, stores, and housing.

It is still sparsely inhabited, with a population of 50 people, but things have come a long way since life in medieval France. There is now a bridge easily connected the outside world to its magnificent Romanesque architecture.

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