Calm Ghent Sunrise

Travel photography print of historical Ghent

Discover the Flemish part of Belgium with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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This artistic photography depicts a romantic bridge on the verge of another day. Saint Michael’s Bridge stands in all its luster and is surrounded by the architectural masterpieces of Ghent, Belgium. No wonder, then, that it is a world-famous lovers’ bridge — the site of many a marriage proposal and first kiss.

The intricate designs of the Saint Michael’s church in the background are rendered in striking lines with a black and white stock that highlights the romance and grace of the city itself. Pictures of Ghent tell wonderful tales of the city, and this is one of the finest.

When you visit Ghent, you can immediately feel the long, life-giving legacy of the land. Ghent history begins as far back as the Stone Age, with archaeological evidence showing people lived there at the meeting of Scheldt and Leie rivers for millennia. The meeting of these two rivers have held many people since then. It’s most ancient known name (Ganda) is a Celtic word meaning ‘confluence’.

But it wasn’t until the establishment of two abbeys there in the Middle Ages that the modern city gets its start. While it is one of the most populous cities in Belgium today, it was a particularly large city in the Middle Ages, holding 50,000 residents.

The Saint Michael’s Bridge, seen here in sumptuous art photography, was built in 1910 as a neo-Gothic addition to the sights of Ghent.

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