Contrasting Segovia Vistas

Travel photography print of the Segovia Cathedral

Discover the Castile & León region (Spain) with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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A gripping installment in Segovian photography, this work strikes at the essence of the region and the heart of the land.

This epic, large wall art in striking color beholds the Cathedral de Segovia — one of the last built in the Gothic style. The distinctive lines of that architecture burn in the bright colors of the sun, while buildings from the modern world nestle in beside it. Above the warm colors of the city is a storming, dark blue sky as tumultuous as the city’s history itself.

The Castile region, its name means the land of Castles, is an important region in Spain covering multiple autonomous communities. Segovia, Spain in Castile is notable for its three most important landmarks: the Cathedral de Segovia, the famous Roman Aqueduct, and the Alcázar of Segovia (or Castle of Segovia).

Each of these landmarks tells a story from Segovian history, as this area witnessed many major historical events in Spain. It was settled by Celts, conquered by the Roman Empire, abandoned after the Moorish invasion, ruled by the King of León who rejoined the Castile and León regions, and was a hotbed of revolutionary activity.

The Segovia Cathedral itself is a product of that rocky past. It was originally built beside the castle but was attacked in the rebellion of the Comuneros. It was then rebuilt in the 16th century by master mason Juan Gil de Hontañón and later his son Rodrigo.

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