Enchanting Vernazza Harbor

Travel photography print of Vernazza

Discover Italy & Cinque Terre with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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Such a work is the perfect bedroom wall art: calling you to dream of serenity and wake with optimism for the bounty of the day. The azure tones of the sea hug a resplendent city rising on the coast, its harbor branching out to receive the riches of the water. And on a faraway hilltop, one can see the Doria Castle, surveying its dominion as it has since the 15th century.

It is easy to see how Vernazza, Italy earned its reputation as one of the idyllic destinations the world has to offer.

The colorful scene holds many stories running through its crowded streets. This framed art print holds so many of them in its palm. The boats poised for movement, the greenery of the land just peaking into view, the old buildings sitting almost on top of one another.

Vernazza is one of five villages in Cinque Terre, a northwestern region in Italy. This secluded region cannot be reached by car, only by sea or air. Its buildings make use of terraces along the steep cliffs, and it is renowned for the beauty of its homes. That is why this region is the source of so many amazing photos of Italy.

While Vernazza has likely been an Italian fishing village since its origin, it was also used as a naval port to defend against pirates. But in its history, it has routinely turned to wine production, leading to periods of economic independence. It is now most famous as perhaps the best Cinque Terre town to visit for its beauty and architecture.

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