Ageless Venetian Basilica

Travel photography print of Santa Maria della Salute

Discover Northern Italy with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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The Basilica di Santa Maria is one of the landmark places to see in Venice. This travel art print depicts the Basilica in all of its Baroque glory. With the shining ocean in the distance and the waves of architectural style visible around the church, this image of the Santa Maria Church contextualizes Venice as only Le Paulmier can.

Photos of Venice, Italy are treasured because the city is so unique — with a rich history and famous waterways.

The origin of Venice is a mysterious part of Italy’s history. While no direct evidence exists, legend has it that the city was founded by refugees escaping Germanic and Hun invasions. These refugees found themselves living on a lagoon. And so they began digging what would become Italy’s most famous waterways by draining the water with canals and building houses on platforms.

The story of Venice continued with relative autonomy. In the 9th century, the Republic of Venice stepped into history as an expanding power. Their adept seafaring skills led them to control areas of the Mediterranean. But ongoing foreign entanglements and the plague led to their demise.

In 1630, after a harrowing outbreak of the plague, the church of Santa Maria was built in Venice as an offering to God. Artwork related to the plague is still seen throughout the church.

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