Descending Porto Street

Travel photography print of Rua de 31 de Janeiro

Discover this Portuguese gem with this signed luxury fine art photography print, delightfully captured for your visual pleasure.

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This unique wall art blooms under a rising sun. The rising and falling climbs of Porto’s streets create the impeccable composition. Light catches the buildings rising from this descending street while the daily traffic runs along at their feet. In the distance, through the haze of a city in misty morning, rises the spire of a cathedral, a silent reminder of the ages that came before us. The scene harkens to a particularly European form of city, one with a long history and continental way of life.

These features make it a wonderful addition for those seeking Portugal prints. This photography for sale encourages the viewer to explore Porto and its amazing cultural heritage, all while basking in its unique beauty.

Portugal sits on the Iberian Peninsula. It was first settled by Celtic groups around 300 BCE. The history of Porto the city really begins with its capture by the Roman Empire. It was a major commercial port (hence the name), ensuring the city would grow and thrive even after the Romans left. This sea port was used in the Middle Ages for the expansion of Christianity, leaving behind several important churches.

Many famous landmarks in the peninsula reside there, which is why UNESCO made Porto, Portugal a World Heritage Site in 1996. Porto attractions include cathedrals and other sites built in the Baroque, Gothic, Neo-Classical, and Romantic periods. This tapestry of historical styles is punctuated by the 19th century Dom Luís I Bridge reaching its metal-arching construction over the River Douro.

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