8 Luxury Wall Art Tips For Lavish Homes

When designing a sumptuous home, you may want to consider the addition of luxury wall art décor. After all, the pieces you choose are going to enhance the luxurious ambiance. Most often you will find a variety of luxury artwork ranging from mixed media, photographs, lithographic prints and paintings.

You may be curious about the luxury art definition, as many feel most artwork can create a distinctive luxurious space. According to Vanessa Prager, on the Beverly Hills website, “Art will enrich any space adding depth and meaning to walls and pedestals.”

With the wide selection of wall art on the market, you may feel overwhelmed, as if you are not sure of where to start with your decorating. Use the following tips to choose the right luxury wall art pieces for your luxury home.

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1) Framed Prints

When you think of luxury artwork, you may think of luxury framed prints. In addition to the gorgeous prints, the frames also add a touch of elegance to your space. You can find framed prints that feature landscapes such as a beach, lake or resort, or you can hang a framed print of animals, people or inanimate objects. There are also luxury framed wall art in themes such as shopping and wine, as well as patterns and monograms.

2) Hand Painted Artwork

If you can get your hands on hand painted artwork, you are sure to find a design that works in your luxury home. There is something about a hand painted piece that creates a more upscale environment. You can find hand painted art in furniture and decor stores, as well as antique stores, museum auctions and online retailers. If you have the skills to paint your own picture, consider showing off your work by hanging it in your living room.

3) Designer Artwork

There is nothing like a little designer art to add more sophistication to your luxury home. One artist you do not want to skip over is Oliver Gal, who uses bold colors to showcase a variety of designer brands, such as Tiffany and Company, Chanel Paris and Hermès Paris. You can also find designer wall art from Jamie Young, Bassett Mirror and the Bloomingdale’s Artisan Collection, which all feature high-quality, elegant prints.

4) Canvas Wall Art

If you are looking for luxury bedroom wall art, you can never go wrong with canvas wall art. You can find canvas art in a variety of designs, from abstract patterns to well-known celebrities. There are many prints that feature a wrapped design to cover the entire canvas. You can also choose from several sizes, from 8×10 to 36×48. The best part is luxury canvas wall art re-creates an artist’s original artwork, giving you the chance to display your favorite piece without breaking the bank.

5) Photography

Photography is always a great choice for adding luxury wall pictures to your home. If you are worried about hanging your own photographs, you can easily buy the pictures from a professional company. One example is your luxury bathroom wall art, which you can achieve with photographs of the beach, lake or waterfall. You can also choose photographs in bold colors or black and white to fit your design. The photographs are re-printed to ensure there is enough for all customers.

6) Multi-Piece Wall Art

When it is time to shop for your luxury living room wall art, consider multi-piece wall art. Multi-piece wall art features three to five pieces to create one print. The designs are on pieces of different sizes, but the wrapped canvas design creates a seamless effect. You can find multi-piece wall art of cities, landscapes and patterns. If you are looking for large luxury wall art for your home, you are sure to love the size and creativity of multi-piece wall art.

7) Wall Sculptures

Wall sculptures are great for standing out from the crowd without sacrificing your luxurious design. In fact, there is something about unique pieces that make a home feel more elegant than others. You can find wall sculptures in a range of themes, such as nautical, animals, abstract and geometric. A nautical wall sculpture may resemble a ship wheel, while a geometric sculpture may feature metal interlocking circles.

8) Wall Mirrors

There is more to a mirror than just checking your appearance. A mirror also enhances your design. In this case, you want to look for luxury wall mirrors for your home. Luxury wall mirrors may come in silver, gold, black or champagne frames, as well as a shape other than square or round. You can even find a wall mirror in an antique-style frame, which adds an elegant, vintage vibe to your home.

You can buy luxury wall art from a variety of online and offline stores, which gives you a bigger selection of artwork for your space. Whether you want to invest in re-created prints, designer pieces or sculptures, it is easy to find luxury wall art decor for your home.

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