How To Decorate A Bathroom Elegantly

There is nothing like changing the vibe in your bathroom to make you feel refreshed. You have the opportunity to create a space that helps you feel relaxed and ready for the day. The best part is there are many ways to decorate your bathroom, from hanging wall art to choosing a new theme altogether. You can start changing the vibe of your bathroom by keeping the following bathroom decor ideas in mind.

Choose A Theme

While choosing a theme for your bathroom is completely optional, it is easier to decorate around a theme. There are different details that can bring your bathroom theme ideas to life, from distressed wall art in a rustic bathroom to gold frames in a chic-inspired bathroom. Once you choose from the range of cute bathroom ideas, you can have fun adding in accessories and decor that fit your theme.

Paint Your Bathroom

The bathroom paint ideas you choose can make or break the mood of your space. You can create a bathroom that stands out with teal, pink or dark purple, but brown or lighter shades of blue or green create a space that is warm and soothing. A black and white scheme is classic yet dramatic, allowing you to create a bathroom that never goes out of style.

Use Wall Signs

Looking into bathroom wall decor is a big part of decorating your space. You are going to be surrounded by four walls, so you want to use bathroom wall art and decor that fit your style. You can find wooden or metal signs with inspirational messages, silly jokes, bathroom rules and simple graphics. A sign encouraging you to relax is great for a spa-inspired bathroom, while a sign with seashells is perfect for a beach-inspired bathroom.

Hang Up Artwork

In addition to wall signs, you can also look for bathroom wall art that fits your style. Your bathroom artwork may include a painting of a sailboat at sea or a framed poster of a beach landscape. You can even hang up artwork that is unrelated to the sea life, such as a vintage painting of your city or a poster of a forest landscape. Imagine a bathroom with a large world map across the wall.

Decorate With Photography

If you are not looking to hang paintings and posters, you may enjoy displaying your photography. Would you rather not hang your own photographs? There are plenty of places to buy local and travel photography, from wildlife to landscapes, for your bathroom. You are creating a gallery that is going to be admired by your family and guests.

Reflect With Mirrors

You do not have to stick with artwork to decorate your space with bathroom wall hangings. Why not decorate your bathroom with mirrors? In addition to the mirror above your sink, you can hang up several mirrors in decorative frames to enhance your theme. If you are trying to figure out how to decorate a small bathroom, a cluster of mirrors can make the space feel bigger.

Use Removable Wallpaper

Are you looking for bathroom wall decor ideas that offer an alternative to painting? Maybe you are trying to figure out how to decorate a long wall without overdoing it. You can never go wrong with removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and patterns, from stripes to floral prints. The wallpaper is easy to apply and remove, which is great if you want to change up the look later.

Create A Storage Solution

If you have looked at other bathrooms online or in magazines, you know that nice bathrooms also rely on storage solutions. One idea is hanging bathroom shelves for toiletries and greenery. You can even use apothecary glass jars for bath beads, bath bombs and shaped soap, and you can place the colorful display on your shelves. The best part is the shelves can be placed in almost any space of your bathroom.

Look Beyond The Wall

When looking into bathroom art ideas, be sure to look beyond the wall. Start with your restroom door, which you can decorate with an over-the-door hanger for your robe or towel. Speaking of bathroom towel ideas, consider colorful, patterned or monogram towels, and use a wooden wine rack to display your rolled towels. If you need vanity decor ideas, a flower arrangement or candle holder always works. Finally, you can take care of your toilet decor with a seat cover or small plant.

As you can see, there are many possibilities when decorating your bathroom. You can stick with just wall decor such as artwork and signs, or you can decorate the entire bathroom to change the vibe altogether. When looking for home decor, finding places that carry everything from bathroom decor to living room art can make your shopping spree a lot easier.

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