How To Impress With Hotel Artwork

Nothing wows visitors to a hotel like high quality interior design. That’s why hotel artwork makes a major impact. From abstract paintings to sculpture to fine art photography, hotels have many choices. Unfortunately, many hotel owners think filling their hotels with art will be too expensive. They see the high prices at art auctions and think they can’t afford even one of those paintings, much less dozens or hundreds. But the truth is, there are options out there that make it a realizable dream. Below are some ideas to get started on the journey, so read this before looking for hotel artwork for sale.


Because of the unique features of photography as a form, hotel owners can invest in limited edition prints of fine art photography that will hold (and possibly grow) in value. Photography often has an urban chic effect compared to other kinds of hotel wall art, though so much depends on the subject matter. There is certainly a lot of scenic photography for sale that can connect visitors to far flung vistas, making the hotel feel like your connection to the world. High contrast, chiaroscuro, black-and-white photography can make a big statement, adding drama and depth to a room. This effect is great for a high end feeling.

Another popular option is hanging photography of local landmarks, connecting visitors to a city with the dream of the city itself. This gives an optimistic, tourist-friendly feel — perfect for vacationing families. Yet another style choice is graphic photography. These pieces do not try to depict certain people or places, rather it discovers patterns, rhythms, and colors in the world, isolating it in the frame. The effect is close to abstract painting. Given photography’s ability to retain value, its wide range of subject matter, and its impression on visitors, it continues to be a popular choice for hotel owners.

Art Prints

When looking at art prints for hotels, the world opens up. You can buy, at very low prices, prints of classic and iconic pieces for their familiarity, as well as lesser known work for an original, more cultivated feeling. Knowing what to look for is key. Once you’ve decided on the style and budget, you can make decisions on whether or not to purchase limited edition prints (giving you the ability to resell later on) or simple prints (low to no resalability but much cheaper).

With that in mind, the options are almost limitless. With less than fifty dollars you can grab an enormous Heironymous Bosch triptych or a Van Gogh — but be careful! Prints of incredibly well known work can sometimes give the effect of posters in a teenager’s bedroom. Less really can be more.

Hotel Art Companies

While there might not be a store you can go to with a sign saying Hotel art for sale!, you can hire companies to fill your hotel with art for you. This is particularly attractive for hotel owners with a larger budget and no time to investigate the market and dwell on design decisions. While certainly practical for someone in this situation, it does lack the adventure of doing it yourself!

These companies typically have differing levels of service. At one end, they will custom design and manufacture art pieces made to fit the exact needs of your wall space, building and room layout, and brand identity. On the other end, they will make custom frame art for hotels by taking an image you supply them and printing it onto a canvas. Those are the extreme ends, and most people’s needs fall somewhere in the middle. But regardless of what services you need, remember that it will cost you.

Final Thoughts on Purchasing Hotel Art

The options above are only the tip of the iceberg, but they might get you thinking about your options. As long as your choices reflect the brand identity of your hotel while fitting your budget, you’ll probably do just fine. Purchasing art can be a fun and rewarding process, especially as you see it transform your hotel into a must-stay destination.

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