The 10 Best Office Wall Art Ideas

There is something about a plain, boring office that lowers your motivation. The lack of inspiration makes it hard to put in your best effort every day. Luckily, it is never too late to start creating your ideal office. To help you get started, here are the 10 best office wall art ideas.

Peel-and-Stick Decals

Decorating with peel-and-stick decals is a great office wall decor idea because the decals are easy to remove and reposition. The best part is the stickers come in a variety of designs to fit your niche. If your job is creating lyrics or jingles, you may want decals of music notes. There are also decals that come in different words and phrases. “Keep Calm and Write Something” is perfect for a copywriting job, while a “Teamwork” decal inspires your team members.


Posters are another option for office wall art ideas. Like decals, you can find them in a range of designs to fit your office. If you work in the food industry, your kitchen office space ideas for posters may include a bowl of fruit or vintage diner. A poster encouraging oral hygiene is perfect for your dental practice, while a poster with grammar tips is helpful for your writing career. If you work from home, you may want posters that are more personal, such as a favorite animal, just to add more visual appeal to your office.


When looking for cool office wall art, you can never go wrong with photography. You can snap your own photographs just for the purpose of creating office wall images, such as your pets for a home-based pet salon. If you do not practice photography, or if you would rather use other photographs, you can always order them from an online retailer or photographer. This way, you can choose from photographs ranging from wildlife and insects to landscapes and cities.

Personal Photographs

While photographs of your family or friends are okay for a traditional office, you may feel more comfortable using them as home office wall decor. It creates a more personal environment without becoming too distracting. Using personal photographs as wall art for office space can also be motivating. One example is a photograph of a family trip to another city, which can motivate you to work towards your next vacation.

Motivational Signs

Sometimes, you need a motivational message to find the energy to start your work day. The good news is you can find inspiration office art to help you get down to business. You can find artwork and signs with well-known quotes such as “Just Keep Swimming” and “Work Hard, Stay Humble.” You can also find inspirational artwork for office with short but sweet messages, such as “You’re Amazing” and “Keep Going!” When you are not feeling your best, a motivational sign can go a long way.


When looking for creative office wall art, it helps to stick with traditional artwork such as paintings. You can find paintings in neutral, dark and vibrant shades to fit your space. Are you looking to create a calming atmosphere? Look for a painting in a palette of blue of green, as both shades promote calmness. If you are an educator, you may want brighter, bolder colors to appeal to children. As a freelancer, your home office may be decorated in your favorite colors. The framed art for office spaces also includes animals, landscapes and neighborhoods.

Vinyl Records

If you are looking for cool office space ideas, consider vinyl records on your walls. It may seem unusual to hang framed records at work, but that is what makes it a great choice for your office. Walking into an office that stands out from the crowd adds a little fun to your work day. If you work in the music industry in any way, vinyl records make great office wall art decor. Maybe you do not work in the music industry, but spend your free time attending concerts. You can hang the records as motivation to keep working towards your next event.

Company Logo

Are you looking for commercial office wall art ideas instead of posters and records? It never hurts to decorate with your company logo. You can actually have your logo added to a decal or sign to hang in your office. In addition to your logo, you can also decorate with your company name or slogan. There is something about looking at corporate office wall art that motivates you to work harder.


Your office artwork ideas are not limited to photography, posters and signs. You can also find wallpaper that creates a wall scenery for offices, from a forest landscape to a floral pattern to a shiplap print. If you are looking for long narrow office design ideas, consider wallpaper in horizontal stripes to make the room feel longer. If you do not want the fuss of traditional wallpaper, you can always go with removable wallpaper for your office.

Awards and Certificates

Another idea for office artwork is to hang up your awards, certificates and licenses. Whether you are a freelance designer or home beautician, displaying these documents shows your customers that they can take you seriously. When framed and displayed, these documents also become professional office wall art.

Whether you are looking for places that sell photography or planning to display your certificates, you can find a range of office wall decor ideas.

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